San Gil

5 Nov

San Gil

San Gil, is an intermediate colombian city, located in the department of Santander. It is located on the highway between Bucaramanga and Bogota, and constitutes the most important urban center of the south of Santander. In 2004 was designated as the tourist capital of the Department.

Currently San Gil is moving towards the development of tourism, in part because it is the more positioned destination of Colombia for the development of adventure activities around water elements, earth and air, linked to tourism of nature as the big bet of the country referred to in the sectoral Plan of tourism, for its geographical, climatic characteristics and the vocation of its inhabitants.

It also has commercial, urban, educational and industrial development, in addition to the massive influx of visitors for different purposes. Is undergoing major transformations in their urban environment evidenced in the current construction of new roads (19th Avenue, main route of the Beautiful citadel Island, etc.), condominiums, countryside urbanizations, large buildings, numerous neighborhoods, two great format shopping centers (El Puente5 y San Gil Plaza6), among other projects, which cause the investment of large amount of capital for the most part from the private sector that make the development and projection of the city as one of the most promising of the country and stimulates the local and regional economy being catalogued as the third largest and most important city of the department and with a bright future for its inhabitants.


  • Pozo Azul: It is located two kilometers away of the municipal head aside of the route that leads to Bucaramanga. It is a crowded seaside where it forms a set of natural swimming pools of the waters of the Curití creek. The seaside has parking lot and restaurant service and snack bar cafeteria.
  • Ragonessi ecological park: It is located between Pozo Azul and El Gallineral park, has 15 hectares covered with abundant vegetation, nature trails, abundant water and rich vegetation.
  • El Gallineral Park: The most emblematic place of the municipality, located in the area known as the tourist pier, includes a small island between the Fonce river and the Curiti creek with a 4 hectares area, conformed by gallineros trees, trails, animals of exhibition, restaurant, small squares, and a swimming pool for the enjoyment of visitors. It is also the point of departure and arrival for extreme sports by the Fonce river.
  • Freedom Park (La Libertad Park): It is the meeting point of the sangileños and in its surroundings operates the municipal city hall, the Cathedral Church, hotels, Gallery Cafe, several coffee shops, fast food places and renowned restaurants. Meditation place under centennial ceibas, a luminous fountain and the winged statue of the valiant Chief Guanentá. In this take place several popular artistic representations.
  • Descent on the Fonce river: this is one of the biggest attractions of the municipality where multiple activities can be developed. There are several ways to enjoy the currents of the river Fonce as rafting, practised in boats knows as rafts, kayaks, special for professionals and amateurs with experience in this modality, hidrospeeds and even in tires.