Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo

18 Jan


El Santísimo (The Holiest) turns into the biggest monument of Colombia and one of the highest in Latin America, product of the talent and creativity of the santanderean engineering.

This work is a proposal of the sculptor Juan José Cobos Roa. El Santísimo is the essential part of the Ecopark, a colossal sculpture 33 meters high. In the top part a panoramic platform stands out to 40 meters high, where from it will be possible to have a sight of 360 ° of the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga. The access will be done soon by modern panoramic elevators.

In the lower part is the Ranch La Esperanza. There ran the first hydroelectric plant and the first brewery in Colombia. This is the appetizer of the Ecoparque, a place with 125 years of architecture history and of great wealth of fauna and flora.

Upon arrival visitors can taste the best typical dishes of our region in the restaurant Puerta del Sol, in the old house. This place was part of the infrastructure of the former Clausen brewery and was restored and conditioned while retaining the same essence for the enjoyment of all visitors who may find there, a little more of its history.

The Ranch La Esperanza also counts with a brewery, which retains the same name of this emblematic place, “The Clausen”, here you can enjoy craft beer and taste typical chopped meals. Will shortly enter into operation an ecotourism Hotel with capacity for 30 rooms, auditorium in which you can make your business events, 5 commercial premises and parking with capacity for 300 vehicles.

In the high part of the mountain you will find the monument of the Holiest (El Santísimo). Around there you will find nine commercial places where the visitors will be able to acquire souvenirs of the Holiest (El Santiísimo) and of Santander, in addition to tasting the delightful sweets that characterize Floridablanca, desserts, ice creams, fast food and other goodies. The main restaurant is Menzuly “Myths and Legends”, it offers a gourmet version of our santanderean meal.

Place: Helechales Path – Floridablanca

To visit Hill of the Holiest Ecopark (El Santísimo) there are two options:

First: Take the route towards the Casiano Bajo path and reach La Esperanza ranch, only 10 minutes from the urban perimeter of the municipality of Floridablanca.

From La Esperanza ranch you can take the cable car, which will take it to the Holiest Hill in a 5 minutes trip.

Second: The second option is to go along the route that leads to Helechales path, in the kilometer 2.8 will find the second entry to the Holiest Hill Ecopark, this is an alternative for those who suffer vertigo or pressure problems can not make use of the cable car. In the entry there are three places destined for the community of the contiguous paths to the Ecopark where the villagers offer plants, fruits, eatables and crafts produced by themselves.