Barbosa: “La Puerta de Oro de Santander”

5 Nov


Barbosa is lucky to be communicated by four important nationals main roads, that it make an enviable port land. That’s why it is not rare to see the intense commercial movement of this town of Vélez province, which has “airs“of a small city.

Distant 214 kilometers of Bucaramanga, for the main road who drives to Bogota, Barbosa offers a wide hotel infrastructure as well as the traditional veleños delicacies: sandwiches, tumes, arequipes and other derivatives of the guava.

Places of Interest

Sánchez’s caves: In the outskirts there are at least six suitable caves for the speleology, which stand out Sánchez who is guarded by thick coffee cultivation, the “mouth” of Sánchez catches the darkness from the same moment in which we put a foot inside.

Although it has two trajectories, the most well-known is one of two kilometers that are crossed in nearly 10 minutes and it is necessary to return because for its tightness it does not allow major step.

Other attractions

Among its natural attractions highlights the spas on the river Suárez shores, the Cueva Santa Rosa, Pozo del Ortigo and Playa Piedra de Pato.