Provide quality in our services, generating satisfactory life experiences for the clients and guests based always on the continuous improvement of our human talent, developing products and services that guarantee the preferential class of our customers.


The Hotel Preferential Class, will be recognized as a leader in sustainable tourism oriented mainly to corporate sectors and health, expanding new markets, toward a better growth, which allows the positioning of our company as the preferred by the quality and generation of well-being in the economic development of the region and of our human team.


El Hotel Preferencial Class, actualmente se encuentra implementando la Norma Técnica Sectorial Turismo Sostenible -002

Sustainability Policy

The hotel Preferential Class is committed to the identification and control of environmental impacts, Socio-cultural and economic for the minimization of those negatives and promotion of the positives.

Our services are provided through trained personal and through the participation of customers, guests and suppliers, promotes our sustainability, offering a continuous customer satisfaction, a friendly workspace and information to suppliers of the sustainability criteria. Likewise we are committed with the rejection of the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.